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2018 Foodservice Industry Trends to Watch
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

If you’re in the foodservice industry, you need to stay ahead of shifting conditions.

Industry trends that will change the food industry in 2018Times are changing rapidly, and as we move into a new year, it’s important for industries to evaluate the current market conditions and anticipate emerging trends. The foodservice industry is no different. Food innovation is evolving every day, and technologies are being incorporated into every step of the food industry. Whether you’re running a global foodservice business or a local baking company in St. Louis, staying ahead of the latest trends is of the utmost importance. Changes in the workplace, the presentation of food, and the customer experience are all facets of the emerging shifts in how we run our foodservice businesses.

Trend to Watch: Amazon will drive shifts in foodservice pricing and partnerships

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market this past year has directly affected competitors both big and small. In 2017, Amazon seized 18% of online food and beverage sales in the US – an industry leading market share. While Amazon is not expected to completely absorb the food and beverage industry, their abrupt takeover of Whole Foods and online food and beverage sales imply that they have control over driving prices down in an industry with already thin margins. This may encourage additional mergers and partnerships within the foodservice industry in order to manage costs and keep retailers competitive.

Trend to Watch: Food objectification will influence the food industry

The popularity and virality of social media has created an objectification of food. For Millennials in particular, any food order is subject to being photographed before the first bite or sip. It is becoming common to order food items solely for the purpose of getting the photo. A perfect example of this is the Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino this past year, which created organic online buzz during its limited run. Expect to see more food and beverages released solely “to be Instagrammed” in order to drive organic brand awareness and sales. Additionally, we can expect retailers to spend more time dressing up their products in anticipation of the inevitable photo.

Trend to Watch: 2018 will be the resurgence of delivery

In the coming years, we’ll see large brands invest in new technology to bring sustainable and affordable delivery options to their customers. In addition to UberEats partnering with McDonalds to offer McDelivery service in more than 7,8000 restaurants across 47 countries in the second half of this year, Dominos recently announced they will be partnering with Ford to test delivery through driverless cars, with production set to begin in 2021. And that’s in addition to the growing market share of Amazon’s delivery service, Postmates, DoorDash and smaller competitors that are entering the market every day. The demand is there, and existing operators will need to innovate in order to fight off the new entrants trying to take their market share from every angle.

Trend to Watch: Demand for homemade comfort foods and sweets will surge

The desire for vegan, gluten-free, and healthier options has consequently made people more emotional about their food. While there is still an interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there’s also a desire for authentic cooking – made from fresh, local ingredients with a spin on historical foods from local regions.

All the same, customers are interested in the roots of other countries, with an emphasis on their sweet delicacies. This includes éclairs from France, tiramisu from Italy, and flan from Spain. Consumers might not be looking for healthy foods all the time, but they certainly want less processed, easier-to-digest, and more “feel-good” foods, especially those that will satisfy their sweet-tooth.

Trend to Watch: The foodservice industry will continue to thrive in St. Louis

There are a series of large-scale, private-sector expansions in the St. Louis area that are expected to add thousands of jobs to local payrolls, including two locally headquartered Fortune 500 companies. More jobs bring a stronger economy, more disposable income, more people, and more mouths to feed.

2018 trends focused on delivery, local goods, and fresh, quality ingredients are good news for the team at Bakers Pride. The rise in the desire for traditional, local foods compliments the pride we have for our fresh baked goods that we have been serving since 1991. Our commitment to high-quality products and exemplary customer service means that we are always looking for new ways to satisfy even the pickiest eater. We offer delivery and online ordering for any business or special occasion. Contact us today and let us help provide the perfect mix of sweet and savory treats for your employees, customers, or guests. 


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