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How to Exceed Customer Expectations
Thursday, January 7, 2021

How to Exceed Customer ExpectationsStaying ahead of the customer service curve in the competitive St. Louis market.

From our historic Laclede's Landing riverfront, to the mind-expanding Science Center, St. Louis is an amazing city for tourists and residents alike. So how do you make your business one that consumers want to discover and come back to?

As a business owner, you have an audience, and while your expression of your product or service is at the core of your operations, so are the demands of that audience. For some, a terrific product is worth driving through rush hour for. Others require something more, such as great customer service, to attract the type of loyalty that makes a business one of our city’s signature establishments.

4 ways to take your customer service to the next level

For most people, loyalty is generated by more than just tickling their taste buds. Loyalty is based on a respect for their relationship with you and your staff, and their expectations. Going above and beyond often means taking the time to really get inside the collective mind of your clientele. Here’s where to begin that process:

1. Show them you want their business. This might seem obvious. However, we’ve all patronized companies who seemed to be all about selling, with nothing to do with service. If you show your customers you’re on their side, they’re going to feel it. While most people don’t expect you to actually be there for them anytime for anything, businesses who aim to create the feeling as if they were, are much more likely to garner a loyal fan base. Consider a company like Zappos, that offers 24/7 support and free shipping and returns. The cost for these perks is minimal compared to the repeat business and improved brand reputation.

2. Consider what your storefront appearance says about your business. Cleanliness, especially in the food service industry, is a sign of security, both in your company’s foundation, and that things are being run in an orderly way, with attention to detail. Your appearance is also a reflection of your brand: outdated décor can create a disconnect with customers, who expect business to keep up with the times in not just their offerings but the environment as well.  

3. Find beauty in simplicity. Life is an obstacle course of decisions. Your customers want you to make it easier for them. Businesses who can successfully simplify the decision-making process provide a stress relieving service beyond their product. Of course, this simultaneously establishes a sense of expertise. Consider burger giant Five Guys. Their core menu is limited to 5 items, which are of top quality, but they offer 15 toppings that still allow customers to customize a meal to their own liking.

4. Your staff should know their stuff. Have you ever wanted to try a new dish at a restaurant, but the server couldn’t tell you anything about what was in it? You likely defaulted back to an item you were comfortable with instead. If your staff is knowledgeable, and goes beyond the basic order-taking skills, your customers are more likely to trust you and want to give you their business.

St. Louis depends on trusted alliances

At Bakers Pride, our recipe for quality includes equal parts service and deliciousness. We understand that both go hand in hand to provide our customers with an experience that will inspire loyalty. That’s why we make every effort to understand the needs of both our customers and their customers.

With more than 300 different products to choose from, and delivery across the St. Louis/Illinois metro area, we’re committed to providing high-quality, fresh-baked goods 365 days a year. Contact us to see how simple offerings like free samples and easy ordering let you provide your customers and employees with a bit of homemade goodness every day. 


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Our congregation loves your donuts and bagels. We appreciate your timeliness and the convenience of your delivery. Blessings!
I have been ordering from Bakers Pride for years and have never had any kind of problem.  Pastries are always ready at the door before I even come in. 
Your donuts look fresh and delicious.
I like the huge variety you have to choose from. 
We are very pleased with the service we receive from Bakers Pride.  We have daily, early morning delivery and the product is always on time, packaged to our needs and sells out almost every day!
I have worked with Bakers Pride for over 10 years and have always been happy with your products and customer service.
I have always been impressed with the quality of the food and timeliness of your deliveries.
We utilize your product for our heavy catering demands and it has gone very well.  We also like to take advantage of your seasonal specialties to give our guests that little extra something.

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