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Yeast Donuts

 Chocolate Long John  

Chocolate Long John 
Our tasty Long John is carefully dipped in chocolate icing because it just seems crazy not to!

 Vanilla Long John  

Vanilla Long John 
Who says that a donut has to be round? This yeast-raised long john is topped with smooth vanilla icing.

 Caramel Long John  

Caramel Long John 
Rich and creamy caramel icing makes this Long John something truly extraordinary.

Cinnamon Roll Donut   

Cinnamon Roll Donut 
No one can resist sweet, warm cinnamon roll donut covered in glaze.

Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut yeast donuts
The king of the donuts! A fluffy yeast-raised donut bathed in sweet, delicious glaze.
Glazed Jelly Filled Donut
Glazed Jelly Filled Donut yeast donuts
Our yeast-raised donut shell is carefully hand-filled with delicious raspberry filling and then bathed in a sugary glaze.
 Sugar Jelly Filled Donut

Sugar Jelly Filled Donut yeast donuts

We start with a yeast-raised donut shell. Then we stuff it with tangy raspberry filling. Finally, we sprinkle it with sweet granulated sugar. It's definitely worth the effort!

 Custard Filled Donut

Custard Filled Donut yeast donuts

Rich Bavarian cream fills this yeast-raised donut delight! 

 Cream Filled Donut

Cream Filled Donut 

Take a donut, fill it with cream and what do you have? A savory cream-filled dessert, sure to please the masses.

 Vanilla Iced Drizzled Custard Donut

Vanilla Iced Drizzled Custard Donut 

Smooth vanilla icing (and chocolate drizzle to boot!) complete this yeast-raised shell filled with rich Bavarian custard.

 Caramel Apple Filled Donut

Caramel Apple Filled Donut 

These scrumptious donuts will have you thinking you're eating a caramel apple!

Apple Crumb Donut 

Apple Crumb Donut

This apple-filled donut with a crumb topping will have you convinced that you're eating Grandma's apple pie. It's that good!

Twist Donut
Twist Donut yeast donuts
A special twist on the original classic!
Sugar Ring Yeast Donut

Sugar Ring Yeast Donut 
What would happen if we didn't glaze our yeast-raised classic but sprinkled it with granulated sugar instead? Try this gem and you'll see for yourself.

Why Bakers Pride?
We are committed to providing consistent high-quality products sure to dazzle your taste buds!
We offer over 300 different products, including mini items, trans fat free and low fat items.
Customer Service
We have over 200 customers and make over 100 deliveries, on time, each and every day.
Fresh baked goods are delivered early in the morning for the kitchen staff, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


What People Are Saying

I like the huge variety you have to choose from. 
I have been ordering from Bakers Pride for years and have never had any kind of problem.  Pastries are always ready at the door before I even come in. 
Our congregation loves your donuts and bagels. We appreciate your timeliness and the convenience of your delivery. Blessings!
I have worked with Bakers Pride for over 10 years and have always been happy with your products and customer service.
Your donuts look fresh and delicious.
We are very pleased with the service we receive from Bakers Pride.  We have daily, early morning delivery and the product is always on time, packaged to our needs and sells out almost every day!
We utilize your product for our heavy catering demands and it has gone very well.  We also like to take advantage of your seasonal specialties to give our guests that little extra something.
I have always been impressed with the quality of the food and timeliness of your deliveries.

Wholesale Baked Goods for St. Louis & Illinois
Bakers Pride is not a nut-free facility and many
products contain allergens. Please consult nutrition
labels on our website and contact our office with
any additional questions.

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